Install lifts at Macquarie Fields station

The lack of accessibility at Macquarie Fields railway station is shameful.

Macquarie Fields station is used by hundreds of people each day - including the elderly, people with a disability and people with strollers - and it absolutely stinks that a station on the highly-utilised airport line has no lift and there is no wheelchair access — just a towering stairway.

The Berejiklian Liberal Government must act as a matter of urgency and install lifts at Macquarie Fields station.

Macquarie Fields Station is continually overlooked for lifts because of the blatant politicisation of station upgrades.

The need for lifts at Macquarie Fields is more urgent – and the number of passengers much higher – but the Minister continues to ignore his own department’s data and play favourites in marginal seats like Como and East Hills.

The Minister has shown his total contempt for the people of south-west Sydney.

Help me send the Minister a message: stop the games and fund our lifts!