Below you can read my submissions on important issues affecting our community.

Submission on East Leppington Primary School

December 02, 2019

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Include Hurlstone's farm and the Scenic Hills in the national parks system

October 29, 2019

Read my letter to the Environment Minister.

Objection to reduction in parking rates in Edmondson Park Town Centre

September 23, 2019

Read my submission to the Independent Planning Commission

Confirm timing of 700 new car spaces at Edmondson Park

September 05, 2019

Read my letter to the Minister

When will extra car spaces be built at Edmondson Park?

June 27, 2019

Read my letters to the Premier and Minister here.

Abide by independent advice on heritage listing of land surrounding Varroville Homestead

June 21, 2019

Read my letter to the Minister.