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Local MP calls on Government to adopt ‘Work in Ingleburn’ Strategy

May 22, 2020

Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong MP, is calling on the State Liberal Government to adopt a ‘Work in Ingleburn’ Strategy to help support local workers and stimulate the local economy as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions start to ease and we navigate a new way forward.

Mr Chanthivong’s proposed strategy calls on the Liberal Government to lease vacant office space for the establishment of a satellite regional office in Ingleburn. This would give public sector workers the option of working locally periodically instead of commuting daily to the Sydney CBD, Parramatta or elsewhere.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted and changed how we work. Now that restrictions are easing we have an ideal opportunity to do things differently. We want the Government to adopt this proposal so people can make the transition from ‘iso’ or ‘self-isolation’, to a new ‘ISO’ – the Ingleburn Satellite Office,” Mr Chanthivong said.

“The Work in Ingleburn Strategy is an innovative solution to get people back to work as soon – and as safely – as possible.  We must provide alternatives to public sector workers who commute long distances to reduce crowding on public transport and help ease congestion on our roads.

“While some workers will continue to work from home, others may wish to instead work from centralised office facilities in a key location, and Ingleburn’s strategic location makes it an ideal choice.”

The Ingleburn CBD offers convenient access to a train station and public transport, and is strategically located between the Liverpool and Campbelltown CBDs. Ingleburn is also already home to range of Government services, retail and other businesses. But with many office spaces in the Ingleburn CBD currently vacant, Mr Chanthivong is calling on the Liberal Government to seize an opportunity to help workers and stimulate the local economy.  

“Innovative measures should become the norm, rather than the exception. A Work in Ingleburn strategy is a
win for workers, a win for public health, and a win for the local economy.

“I call on the Liberal Government to put the Work in Ingleburn Strategy high on its agenda as COVID-19 restrictions ease and people begin to return to work. It’s time the Liberal Government gave our community its fair share.”