Parliamentary Speeches

It's my job to represent the people of my electorate and that means being the voice of my constituents in State Parliament.

I like to use my time in Parliament to highlight the great work being done in our community by schools, organisations and individuals who genuinely try to make a positive difference to many people's lives.

I also share my thoughts on various pieces of legislation - always with these burning questions in mind: "How will this affect my constituents?" "Does this legislation make life better for people in my electorate?" and "Is this good policy that doesn't unfairly affect local residents?"

Below you can read through my Parliamentary speeches. If you have any suggestions on groups, organisations or people who deserve a mention in State Parliament, please don't hesitate to get in touch with my office on 02 9618 2077 or email [email protected] 


Senior Volunteer of the Year Jan Nicoll

November 14, 2019

Community Recognition Statement

If there is one person worthy of the title ‘community stalwart’ it is Jan Nicoll.

Jan is much-loved in the Macquarie Fields community after many years of volunteering and dedicating herself to helping others.

Jan was recently named the Senior Volunteer of the Year for the South Western Sydney/ Macarthur region for her work with The Salvation Army, Youth Off the Streets and the ADRA Community Centre.

Jan is a good friend and I know she will be slightly annoyed with me for making this Community Recognition Statement in her honour because Jan doesn’t crave the spotlight.

In fact, her humility and quiet determination to serve the community is what makes Jan so special – and so loved.

Someone once described Jan as a community shaker and I think that term sums her up perfectly.

Jan is known for being tenacious in her community advocacy, another reason she is so highly regarded.

I once asked Jan what motivates her to help the community and her answer inspired me: “I believe we do what we can, because we can, and while we can”.