Parliamentary Speeches

It's my job to represent the people of my electorate and that means being the voice of my constituents in State Parliament.

I like to use my time in Parliament to highlight the great work being done in our community by schools, organisations and individuals who genuinely try to make a positive difference to many people's lives.

I also share my thoughts on various pieces of legislation - always with these burning questions in mind: "How will this affect my constituents?" "Does this legislation make life better for people in my electorate?" and "Is this good policy that doesn't unfairly affect local residents?"

Below you can read through my Parliamentary speeches. If you have any suggestions on groups, organisations or people who deserve a mention in State Parliament, please don't hesitate to get in touch with my office on 02 9618 2077 or email [email protected] 


Curran Public School Cafe

August 22, 2019

Community Recognition Statement

Mr ANOULACK CHANTHIVONG (Macquarie Fields): Curran Public School is a shining example of how schools and the community can work together for the betterment of students, as well as their parents and carers.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Curran Public School where I saw the incredible work being done at the Schools as Community Centre and community café where parents and carers can learn new skills while socialising, networking and fostering a sense of community.

The Schools as Community Centre also provides a wide range of services and activities for families with children from birth to eight years. The centre promotes healthy and happy children and encourages strong links between families, the school and community.

I tip my hat to the parents and local facilitator Viviane Fallah who generously treated me to delicious coffee and homemade falafel.

I was also impressed to hear that the café uses produce grown in the school garden – what a great lesson for students in sustainability and healthy eating.

The Schools as Community Centre and community café are fantastic initiatives bringing parents, children and community together to learn and grow.